B&W for the win


My interest in photography grows and grows, never thought I would love analogue so much. My latest trial was black&white, which seemed like a big challenge since my brain works so well with colors. When taking this photos I felt a bit lost and didn’t know what to expect from them. But when I was dubious about the angle or composition I thought oh well, relax, this is just a test roll! All in all, when I saw the developed film I was more than surprised. Glad to have a few more b&w rolls because I think I’m in love.

You can see the full roll here: my Flickr

Summer '15Summer '15

Summer '15Summer '15

Summer '15

In other news, this blog doesn’t reflect it yet, but I am a sewing enthusiast! I have a few projects that will be blogged sooner or later, and a bunch more planned. One of those is a camera bag for my precious Lubitel and my bestie, Canon 1000D, so that I can wear them with me all the time. I will probably use Camille camera bag pattern from Swoon sewing patterns. I love the shape and the buckles, and I think it would look great in tanned leather. So many projects, so little time. Anyway, hope you liked the photos 🙂

See you soon!



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