Welt pocket detail

I made a yellow coat!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to sew a coat. Well, more than just that: a YELLOW coat. It was finished by the end of September, and to be honest, I haven’t worn it too much. I mean, it is yellow, and really bright. I feel like everybody is looking at me when I wear it. However, it turned a really warm and comfortable coat (big pockets!!). And it looks nice from the sewing point of view (or so I do say to myself).

Cool shoes!

Happiness is a me-made coat!
Happiness is a me-made coat!

Construction-wise, sewing the whole 8 welt buttonholes and 2 welt pockets was at times frustrating, but I wanted to do them because since I was putting so much effort in this coat, I wanted top quality details.


The coat is quite thick, as it has several layers: lining, Thinsulate, windbreaker and wool coating. Whoa! My machine managed it really well almost everywhere, with some irregular stitching in particularly thick parts like the collar facing. After it was finished, I took it to the dry cleaners to have all sewing markings I had made with pencil removed and to have it professionally ironed.

I used the windbreaker as an underlining for the wool, to provide stability and prevent stretching. I don’t know if this is the correct way of doing this, but for me it was ok. I also attached the Thinsulate to the lining along the edges of the lining pieces before constructing the coat.

Coat with scarf
Coat with scarf

Self portrait

Front view

I hope you like it!



5 thoughts on “I made a yellow coat!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Aida! ^^
      I’m originally from Madrid but I’m now living in München and absolutely love it. Thanks for stopping by, yours is the very first comment in this blog!

  1. HI 🙂
    Congrats on the blog 😉
    And thumbs up on the coat, it is awesome and “it looks nice from the sewing point of view” for sure!
    As for the “everybody is looking at me ” feeling, I would say that it helps if you believe that everyone is looking at you for a good reason – you look good in your yellow self made coat.

    Keep blogging!

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