In the making: a quilt

I was daydreaming about decorating my new space in Munich and a handmade quilt seemed like the perfect way of adding a me-made touch. Buuuut I didn’t remember what quilting involved: a big and thick sandwich of fabric and batting stucked in the sewing machine.

Anyway, I have already assembled the top layer and layered the quilt, so at this point only the hard part is left: machine quilting everything so I end up with a functional something.

I wanted a design with an aztec kind of pattern, but couldn’t find one so I made my own. Playing with triangles I ended up with the following:

Quilt pattern


I made some calculations for the fabric which resulted pretty accurate, except for the backing fabric, which was slightly smaller than the quilt top. Ouch! I had to buy a new backing and I opted for a simple white flower pattern with light brown background.

I hope to finish the quilt soon because next project is also a big one: a coat! I must be crazy or something.

Have a nice day!



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